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Professor (em.) Klaus Hopt

Emeritus Professor
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Klaus Hopt, Emeritus Professor, Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law
Founder member of the ECGI : ECGI Fellow (2002) :

Professor Klaus J. Hopt is Emeritus Professor at the Max Planck Institute of Foreign Private and Private International Law, Hamburg/Germany (since 1995). His university experience records professorships of law in Tuebingen (1974-78, 1980-85, dean 1982-83), at European Univ. Institute, Florence/Italy (1978-80, head of law dep. 1979-80), in Bern/Switzerland (1985-87), in Munich (1987-95) and various visiting professorships in Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA.

His professional career includes: judge at the State Court of Appeals of Stuttgart/senate for commercial law and trade regulation (1981-85), member of the German Takeover Commission (1995-2001), member of the Deputation of the Deutscher Juristentag (2000-06), member of the High Level Group of Company Law Experts, European Commission, Brussels (2001-02), member of the Takeover Advisory Board (since 2002), vice president of the German Research Foundation (2002-07), chairman of the Scientific Council of the Max-Planck-Society (since 2003), member of the supervisory board of the Deutsche Börse AG, member of various state expert commissions, boards and panels, expert for the German Parliament, the German Federal Constitutional Court, various German Ministries, the German Central Bank, the European Commission, Bulgaria and the World Bank; arbitrator, national and international.

He is author, editor and co-editor of a number of publications in the field of corporate and commercial law, particularly on corporate governance and takeover law.

Research Interests
Banking and business law
German and European capital markets
German and European corporate markets

ECGI Working Papers (Click title for more details)
The Dialogue between the Chairman of the Board and Investors: The Practice in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany and the Future of the German Corporate Governance Code Under the New Chairman ECGI Law Working Paper 365/2017 September 2017
Directors’ Duties and Shareholders’ Rights in the European Union: Mandatory and/or Default Rules? ECGI Law Working Paper 312/2016 March 2016
The German Law of and Experience with the Supervisory Board ECGI Law Working Paper 305/2016 January 2016
Corporate Governance in Europe: A Critical Review of the European Commission’s Initiatives on Corporate Law and Corporate Governance ECGI Law Working Paper 296/2015 August 2015
Groups of Companies - A Comparative Study on the Economics, Law and Regulation of Corporate Groups ECGI Law Working Paper 286/2015 February 2015
Conflict of Interest, Secrecy and Insider Information of Directors - A Comparative Analysis ECGI Law Working Paper 208/2013 May 2013
Better Governance of Financial Institutions ECGI Law Working Paper 207/2013 May 2013
Boards in Europe - Accountability and Convergence ECGI Law Working Paper 205/2013 May 2013
Corporate Governance of Banks after the Financial Crisis ECGI Law Working Paper 181/2011 September 2011
Comparative Corporate Governance: The State of the Art and International Regulation ECGI Law Working Paper 170/2011 November 2010
The European Company Law Action Plan Revisited: An Introduction ECGI Law Working Paper 140/2010 February 2010
The Board of Nonprofit Organizations: Some Corporate Governance Thoughts from Europe ECGI Law Working Paper 125/2009 April 2009
Comparative Company Law ECGI Law Working Paper 077/2006 December 2006 Published in Mathias Reimann, Reinhard Zimmermann, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law Oxford 2006, p. 1161-1191.
European Company Law and Corporate Governance: Where Does the Action Plan of the European Commission Lead? ECGI Law Working Paper 052/2005 October 2005
Board Models in Europe. Recent Developments of Internal Corporate Governance Structures in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy ECGI Law Working Paper 018/2004 January 2004
Modern Company and Capital Market Problems: Improving European Corporate Governance after Enron ECGI Law Working Paper 005/2002 November 2002
Takeovers, Secrecy, and Conflicts of Interest: Problems for Boards and Banks ECGI Law Working Paper 003/2002 October 2002

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